François Deshayes

Entre passion et raison, le chef François Deshayes développe une attitude écologique juste, une réflexion essentielle axée sur la recherche gustative, esthétique et honore avec une déférence profonde la terre et le corps.

Patricia d'Oreye

Frederic Buyle

Champion du monde d’apnée, photographe sous-marin, explorateur des fonds marins, le belge Frédéric buyle incite à leur préservation.

Patricia d'Oreye

Renzo Piano

The Art of Making Buildings, Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, London. 15 september 2018 – 20 January 2019. Renzo Piano and the RPBW (Renzo Piano Building Workshop).

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Patricia d'Oreye

David Hurn

David Hurn, one of the most influential, renowned UK documentary photographers, talks candidly about the humanity of his work from his early experiences in Wales to capturing war conflicts across the globe.

This interview focuses on the human side of Hurn’s photography. His capacity to capture personal, emotional moments of everyday people, sharing experiences of complete strangers so intimate that we feel directly involved — as though we were close enough to know them just by looking at a photograph.

Patricia d'Oreye

Interview Jean Nouvel

Jean Nouvel: plea for an architecture which reflects human dignity.
In this interview, which lasts nine minutes, Jean Nouvel denounces the “planned chaos” of “autistic buildings”, the mono-functional entities which constitute the industrial zones set up in the suburbs and makes an appeal for a societal role for architecture to save human dignity.
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Patricia d'Oreye

Interview Francis Metzger

For more than 20 years, the Belgian architect Francis Metzger, MA2 , has been busy restoring remarkable buildings. Among his completed projects are the Empain mansion, the Solvay Library and the work of Victor Horta such as the Autrique house and Brussels Central station. Other buildings are being restored such as the Astoria hotel and the Brussels Palais de Justice [law courts]. All these projects are part of the history of architecture and have gone through a dark period. These major works have over the years lost their identity. Some of them have almost disappeared. Visit MA² website

Patricia d'Oreye